Sunday, March 8, 2009

Aries / Mesh Lagna its effect and influences . celebrities born in aries lagna Ascendant .

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Aries /Mesh Lagna :- lagna ( Ascendant) is very important in vedic astrology . in this section of Learning vedic astrology free online we will discuss about aries lagna how that influence individuals . People born under influence of this lagna are slim and tall with athletics body features . they are very talkative and make others confused by their talkative nature , they are proud by nature , aggressive by nature , they are creative and music lover ,they like luxurious life with ego in their nature , They are religious and donate poor people , They are very intellect in nature very clever , they love all kind of food . zealous factor can be seen in them . They have some reddish colour influence . Male born in aries lagna in their age of sixth , sixteenth , twenty , twenty eight , forty four , forty one , forty eight have some signs of gains in wealth get new vehicles and love and happiness can be seen . for females in their ages 6,8,15,21,36,63 they have loss of wealth and physical health problems can be seen for them .
In this we will see celebrity born in arise lagna Victoria Beckham her Ascendant Sign is : Leo . she has relationship with famous celebrity David Beckham . Her moon sign is Aquarius . And sun sign is ARIES . she is world famous Musician .

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